Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Parque dos Passaros

What: Parque dos Passaros bird sanctuary and rehabilitation facility
Where: The end of Rua Petropolis, Jardim Marilea
When: Open every day except Monday, 9am to 4pm
Cost: Free!
Phone:(22) 2771-3937
Email: semap@riodasostras.rj.gov.br

Parque dos Passaros was built in 2002 and has nearly twenty acres of land.

They are home to such endangered birds as the White Beaked Aracari, the Tiriba Pearl, and the Pixoxo'.

One of their objectives is to educate the community about preservation of the environment.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

International publication highlights Rio das Ostras among the best beach destinations in Brazil

[Article via Secom Rio das Ostras, photo by Cezar Fernandes. My translation]

In its March issue the magazine Lonely Planet, the world reference for those who like to travel, published an article selecting the seven best beach destinations in Brazil. Rio das Ostras was one of those places listed by the guide and the only one cited in Rio de Janeiro state.
The highlight was Itapebussus beach and for Lagoa Salgada. Both occupy the same incorporated area and are a substantial part of a protected environment, consisting of restinga vegetation and animals which face extinction, the Área de Relevante Interesse Ambiental - Arie.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Construction Debris Recycling Plant Begins Operation in Rio das Ostras

[Article by Angel Morote published here, my translation. Photo via Secom Rio das Ostras]

Rio das Ostras has gained a construction debris recycling plant. Now, in addition to the roads becoming more clear, the remains of building materials will be utilized for the maintenance of streets and roads in the city. There are at least 1,540 tons of left over debris scattered on the streets of  Rio das Ostras every month. This debris hinders pedestrians and motorists, and can cause accidents.