Welcome! I have created this site as a resource for English speaking expats and new residents in Rio das Ostras, RJ, Brazil because while there are numerous websites and resources for expats living in Macae, I have found nothing for those of us who have chosen to live a little bit outside the bubble.

I'll be adding new information to the site often, including restaurant reviews, local attractions, classes, culture, everyday living and more. If you would like to contribute, or make a request for specific information, please send an email to me at tomebug (at) gmail (dot) com.

Be sure to like our Facebook page. There will be updates on upcoming one-time events and performances which won't always be posted on this site. if you have information to share, feel free to join the conversation!

NEW! We have a Facebook group. Ours is a very friendly group and always glad to help. If you live in Rio das Ostras, or will be moving here, please visit and request to be added to the group. There are only a few of us right now, but our numbers are growing.