Saturday, June 23, 2012

Street Paving and Drainage Accelerated in Rio das Ostras

[Article from Secom Rio das Ostras, originally posted here. My translation.]

Urbanization work in progress will cost about R$55 million.

The work of the Secretary of Urban Planning and Construction is happening at an accelerated pace. Dozens of streets are being paved, adding drainage, and being urbanized, adding about fifteen kilometers of pavement. The City Council set aside R$20 million to urbanize the roads near Rodovia Amaral Peixoto in Rio das Ostras. The work, long awaited by the population, will begin later this month. The investments, including bicycle paths, street signs and parking, will be conducted between Jardim Bela Vista and Praia Âncora.

Among the roads that are undergoing improvements, including those now finalized, are Projetada, Projetada 1 and Travessa B in Costazul, which have also received the public water supply system. In progress are rua Campo de Marlim, upon completion of Campo de Namorado in Jardim Atlântico, and dozens of streets in Nova Esperança. In this location alone the City is pumping R$25 million.

By August the streets of Macaé, Itaperuna, Conceição de Macabu and Nova Friburgo, in Jardim Mariléa will also have paving and drainage infrastructure completed. Almost R$1.5 million is being invested for the improvements along these routes. R$2.9 million is already destined for the streets of Cambuci and Acerbal Pinto Malheiros.

Over R$2 million was also applied to paving, drainage, sewer and water in the streets Elizete Cardoso, Cleide de O. Santiago, Vinicius de Moraes and part of João Batista Cordeiro. The streets of Jardim Campomar will receive nearly six thousand square meters of asphalt.

Another location with new infrastructure is the allotment Gelson Apicelo. The Department of Urban Planning and Public Works are adding storm drainage, paving and completion of the drinking water network on the streets of Jurema Days, Edith de Castro, Projetada 2, Lima Passos, Travessa Manoel, Rua B and Beira Rio. In total, more than R$1 millian of its own resources is being invested by the City of Rio das Ostras.

To facilitate traffic, ensuring more security and comfort for drivers and workers, the Department of Urban Planning and Public Works will invest almost R$700,000 to add pavement and drainage the shoulder of Rodovia Amaral Peixoto leading to the Zona Especial de Negócios (ZEN). Construction began on Monday the 18th, and is expected to finish within 90 days

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