Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Foot Washing Well in Rio das Ostras

[Original article written by Angel Morote and published here. My translation]

Note the small distance between the stone well and the
Municipal Guard tent. Surveillance of the historical
site did not occur.
Vacationers, tourists and revelers line up to use the historic well.

The historic well of Rio das Ostras is now known as the "Foot Washing Well." Vacationers, tourists and inconsequential revelers use the well, originally from the eighteenth century and located in the Plaza José Pereira Câmara, to wash feet or face, bathe and even to wash their dogs. According to history, the well was built by slaves in the mid-eighteenth century, and was known as the Well of Stones of Largo de Nossa Senhora da Conceição, serving as a landmark for construction of the town of Rio das Ostras. Historical manuscripts say that the well was used by villagers and sailors who crossed the Bay and docked at the pier of morro do Limão [Lemon Mountain], where the Yacht Club is currently located, so the crew could pick up drinking water.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ana Biju - Beadcraft supplies and lessons

What: Ana Biju - Beadcraft supplies
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They offer classes in the store, Monday through Friday from 2pm to 4pm. You purchase the supplies you need and the class is FREE. Please call first to arrange an appointment for the class, but come any time during regular hours to shop.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Rio das Ostras Carnaval Schedule

The Secretary of Tourism of Rio das Ostras released the full schedule of Carnaval 2012 on Monday, April 6th.

The festival will feature parades with more than 20 blocos,  daily shows in Centro, Costazul, Rocha Leão, Cantagalo, lambaeróbica in Lagoa de Iriry, and matinees at the Iate Clube.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Rio das Ostras offers special treatment to seized birds

[Article and photos provided by Secom Rio das Ostras - my translation] 

Many residents of Rio das Ostras do not know, but the Department of Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries has a facility for rehabilitation of wild birds seized in police operations. The birds are placed in quarantine and are kept for an observation period for thirty to forty days.

The work has been performed just outside of the Parque dos Pássaros for about five years. According to Adriana Moutinho, the veterinarian in charge, the observation period is important for the birds to relearn to fly, find food and socialize with other birds. "An animal bred in captivity is easy prey for predators. We also observed that some birds arrive aggressive and stressed. Sometimes they happen to be sick," she said.

Special Business Zone (ZEN) Will Have Twenty New Companies

[Article and photos provided by Secom Rio das Ostras - my translation]

Entrepreneurs highlight infrastructure offered by the Prefecture and the location as main attractions.

The Special Business Zone of Rio das Ostras (ZEN), managed by the Municipal Secretary of Development for the Oil Endustry, is fulfilling its role in local economic development and job creation. At the beginning of the year, seven companies requested approval of their construction projects and another five will submit their documentation. Already under construction, eight more companies should establish their units later this year.