Friday, February 3, 2012

Special Business Zone (ZEN) Will Have Twenty New Companies

[Article and photos provided by Secom Rio das Ostras - my translation]

Entrepreneurs highlight infrastructure offered by the Prefecture and the location as main attractions.

The Special Business Zone of Rio das Ostras (ZEN), managed by the Municipal Secretary of Development for the Oil Endustry, is fulfilling its role in local economic development and job creation. At the beginning of the year, seven companies requested approval of their construction projects and another five will submit their documentation. Already under construction, eight more companies should establish their units later this year.

"Zen has had great success, and expansion will follow this success because it is seen increasing demand for this area in Rio das Ostras," says Paulo Abreu, vice president of Drilling Risers division of Aker Solutions in Brazil, the first company to settle in Zen and one of the leading companies in the world wide oil industry. It highlights the advantages of the development of the Municipality which are good infrastructure, location and land use at a commercially viable price. "Zen offers infrastructure with electricity, water, sewer and transportation, and it is located next to our main customers. We also benefited from the service provisions of other Zen companies in sector such as painting, calderaria, welding, among others." explains the executive.

Rubens Valadares, operations manager of Brastech, another big company installed  Zen which generates about 200 direct jobs and should expand its services has the same opinion. "We grew along with Zen and we are rapidly developing, acquiring new customers." said Valladares. "The structure of the area is quite satisfactory, with lighting, security, and the Vocational Training Center where our employees conduct courses in Management, and Salvage, among others," remarked the manager. The executive notes that the company gives priority to the residents of Rio das Ostras, and that there are those who came from other places to live in the city, which shows that the installation of an industrial area benefits the whole city, moving the economy.

Among the advantages of Zen to the city is the generation of 5,193 direct jobs and another 2 thousand indirect jobs. The area was also responsible, in 2011, for collecting more than R$12 million in taxes and fees to the municipality.

INVESTMENTS - With 1,323 thousand m2, ZEN is located in a strategic area at the edge of Macae, next to Parque de Tubos, where in addition to a branch of Petrobras, there are a large number of companies that operate onshore and offshore in the Campos Basin.

According to Kátia Brandão, Secretary of Municipal Development, Business and Petroleum, the City has invested more than R$15 million in the Zen infrastructure. Besides the costs of maintaining the area, the municipality is applying more than R$80,000 in the reformation of the Vocational Training Center. Another US$370,000 is being spent in the construction of an access route to vans and shelter for loading and unloading which will benefit employees and students of the Zen Center of Vocational Training, offering more safety and comfort.

SUCCESS - The city is now preparing the implementation of the New ZEN, with an initial investment of R$1,625,000 in expropriation, a project that will bring together over 15 companies, large companies which are as respected in the market as those currently occupying Zen. At least another 4000 jobs will be created in the new venture. "The Special Zone Business of Rio das Ostras is the result of very well handled planning and shows that you can promote the growth of a region in an organized way. The structure that is offered greatly facilitates the operation of the industries which are installed there. As a leading supplier of services, valves and anchor cables for the oil and gas industry, Lupatech is secure in saying that Zen is a successful example to be followed throughout Brazil."concludes the service manager at Lupatech, Renato Escochi.

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