Friday, February 3, 2012

Rio das Ostras offers special treatment to seized birds

[Article and photos provided by Secom Rio das Ostras - my translation] 

Many residents of Rio das Ostras do not know, but the Department of Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries has a facility for rehabilitation of wild birds seized in police operations. The birds are placed in quarantine and are kept for an observation period for thirty to forty days.

The work has been performed just outside of the Parque dos Pássaros for about five years. According to Adriana Moutinho, the veterinarian in charge, the observation period is important for the birds to relearn to fly, find food and socialize with other birds. "An animal bred in captivity is easy prey for predators. We also observed that some birds arrive aggressive and stressed. Sometimes they happen to be sick," she said.

Besides the animals seized, the site also get birds which are delivered by families. "Some birds get bad care because their owners have no knowledge of the most appropriate way of dealing with a wild animal. Parrots, for example, often are overweight." says Adriana. After the period of observation and treatment, the recovered birds may be released into nature, sent to Ibama or placed near the pond at the Park.

Currently, among the animals that are quarantined there are two on the endangered species list according to Ibama: the parrot Chauá and the Tiriba Perola. The technical advisor to the Secretary, Ivan Noé, reinforces the importance of returning birds. "When a bird is turned in voluntarily, the penalty is reduced. Make the delivery, because it is no use keeping it at home. There will come a time when a complaint is made, ​​and the owner will be booked according to the Environmental Crimes Law." he says. 

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