Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Construction Debris Recycling Plant Begins Operation in Rio das Ostras

[Article by Angel Morote published here, my translation. Photo via Secom Rio das Ostras]

Rio das Ostras has gained a construction debris recycling plant. Now, in addition to the roads becoming more clear, the remains of building materials will be utilized for the maintenance of streets and roads in the city. There are at least 1,540 tons of left over debris scattered on the streets of  Rio das Ostras every month. This debris hinders pedestrians and motorists, and can cause accidents.
 Collection of this debris is done weekly, but these scraps from the city's construction were being left in a landfill without any treatment. From now on the problem should decrease due to the operation of the recycling plant which has begun at the landfill. All the collected construction material is crushed and then separated into four different sizes.

The unit handles up to 25 tons of waste every day and was installed with an investment of R$400 thousand. The debris collection is done through a weekly schedule, but the limit for the free service is 3 cubic meters of rubble. Anything over that limit is the responsibility of the site owner. For larger operations, companies will be responsible for taking the debris to the plant themselves, under penalty of fines ranging from R$50 to R$5000.

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