Wednesday, March 14, 2012

City of Rio das Ostras Invests in New Infrastructure Projects

[Article Posted by Igor Sampaio here. Photos by Mauricio Rocha. My translation.]

Places such as Âncora, Nova Aliança and Palmital are undergoing improvements.

Before and after
The Secretary of Public Services office is installing the paving, drainage and sewer systems in various locations in the city, in addition to maintenance actions such as replacing light bulbs, cleaning of culverts and repairing pot-holes. The second lane of Rua Gervásio Moreira Marques in Palmital was washed out by a creek. Residents have had constant flooding problems, but today, with the work having been completed, the reality is different.

Resident of the street for six years, military police officer Edgard Barcy says that when it rains, the water reaches above the knee. "This was a black pit with rats, cockroaches, and tall grass. After the work, we've seen change in our quality of life." he says.

His neighbor, Valeria Medeiros, recalls that her son could not even play in the backyard because the ditch passed through their land. "This work benefited all residents and has improved our situation 100%." remarked the house wife.

According to Secretary of Public Services, Nilton Teixeira, the work will be finished in the next month when they also complete the paving and installation of sewage lines on Rua Palmira Ribeiro de Souza, known as Rua 16, in Nova Aliança. Âncora is also receiving investments from the Municipal Administration. The "Beco da Amizade" on Rua Chuva de Prata, had their paving completed last Thursday, the eighth of March.

During the rains, residents had difficulty leaving their homes. Roselene Severino has been confined to a wheelchair for nine years due to a chronic disease in her legs. She said she avoided leaving the house because of the difficulty in moving along the street. "This was a pool of mud and it was almost impossible to pass with my chair. After the improvements, I will be able to go out alone on the street and move easily."says Roselene.

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