Saturday, March 10, 2012

Indignant residents of Rio das Ostras clamor for security

[Article by Angel Morote from Secom Rio das Ostras, published here. My translation. Photos courtesy of Secom Rio das Ostras]

They claim that the Municipal Guard trailer was removed from the neighborhood.

The protesters closed the Amaral Peixoto Highway at the entrance of the neighborhood in front of the Centro de Cidadania. Residents of Bairro Enseada marched again last Wednesday (March 7th) at about 8:30 a.m. for improvements to the neighborhood and for the return of the Municipal Guard trailer which rendered service for the area to inhibit the high rate of theft, burglary and attempted rape.

Although not obligated, it is the assignment of the Municipal Guard to handle security or take the place of the Military Police. Residents are demanding the return of the trailer and the Municipal Guards because they feel threatened due to the further increase in the crime rate in Rio das Ostras. Banners and posters showing the the residents' indignation with the neglect of the government in not to conducting any service on the streets of the community, as well as the withdrawal without notice of the Municipal Guard trailer.

Letter of warning to the population of Rio das Ostras: "Residents of Loteamento da Enseada das Gaivotas which is located at Km 153 of Highway Amaral Peixoto, we are announcing publicly that we are a neighborhood blessed by God, and are considered a real environmental concern (1422 lots of 608m ² each), 15 streets, being a majority of sector "O". The area protects wildlife, flora and vegetation that still resist the irrational destruction of men, a place for birds, burrowing owls, bromeliads, orchids and medicinal plants which are research targets for a cure for cancer (CRUSEA), but unfortunately forgotten by the public despite our cries. We are not a neighborhood of vacationers as they say. We do not have clean water and sanitation, have no benefits from the resources of royalties, nor a paved street, which makes the circulation of (our transportation) precarious because the area is no longer circular, given the "potholes" which damage the cars. " Movement in Defense of Enseada das Gaivotas - MDEG.

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