Wednesday, March 14, 2012

State Government chooses Rio das Ostras for Pioneer Tourism Project

[Article from Secom Rio das Ostras, published here. Photos by Jorge Ronald. My translation.]

The State Secretary will come to the city on the 15th of March for the presentation of research on the panorama of tourism for the city.

The Tourism Survey of Rio das Ostras, the result of research carried out by the State Government on Tourism in the city, will be presented next Thursday, March 15 at 7pm at City Hall.
The ceremony will feature the participation of State Secretary of Tourism of Rio de Janeiro, Ronaldo Ázaro, Mayor Carlos Augusto, the municipal secretary of tourism, Alan Machado, and various other authorities. The inventory is part of a pioneering project in Rio de Janeiro, based on the policy approach of the state municipalities of the Interior.

Rio das Ostras will be the first city in the state to have the Inventory recognized by Ministry of Tourism. The city was chosen as the pilot for the policy approach proposed by the Secretary of State for Tourism, based on criteria such as organization, infrastructure and tourism sights of wide interest and popularity, as its beautiful beaches.

Mayor Carlos Augusto stressed the importance of the Tourism Inventory as recognition for the work of the Municipal Administration. "The choice of Rio das Ostras as a pilot city shows that tourism is well established in our city. Municipal investments in infrastructure, sanitation and urbanization, besides promoting national landmark events such as the Jazz and Blues Festival, contributed to a boost in the tourism industry, which drives the economy and creates jobs." said the mayor.

Research - Tourist information on Rio das Ostras began to be raised in October, 2011. The Inventory of Tourism Offered consists of the promotion, identification and registration of tourist attractions, services, tourist facilities and infrastructure to support tourism as a basic information tool for planning, management and promotion of activities. The survey also serves as reference source for students, entrepreneurs and researchers.

photo. George Ronald

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