Monday, March 5, 2012

Online Portuguese Learning for Free

Thanks to a casual mention by another friend who is living in Brazil, I've discovered a new online resource for learning Portuguese.

Take a look at

Specifically you can find Brazilian Portuguese here.

I've just started using it today, so my review is based just on a cursory beginning (and only with the Portuguese course), but I really like it so far.
The programs are based on science, fun and community, which will help keep you engaged. Each lesson adds to your vocabulary, using enough repetition and variation to help things interesting while also making sure they stick. The audio is really helpful to me as I learned Portuguese mainly from books for the first two years and have the most difficulty with processing spoken words.

The site is still in the beta stage, so the topics are limited but growing all the time. There are hundreds of languages available to learn (including foreign languages, Klingon, English vocab for English speakers, etc.), and also general knowledge topics.

Bookmark the page and use it for a bit of daily practice. Go give it a try and leave a comment below letting me know what you think.

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